Factors To Check Before Selling Your Used Cars 

Almost every junkyard buys cars, but if you’re searching for junkyards that will pay you top dollar, or buy junk cars near me- there are fewer options. The best way to sell your junk car for top dollar if you’re going the traditional route involves getting quotes from all the junkyards and scrapyards in your area one by one, which can take time.

You can junk your car faster and more easily with Junk My Car 247! We can give you a quote in 90 seconds or less. Our team will pick up your junk car within 24 to 48 hours and pay you on the spot once you accept the offer! So we are solutions for your search to buy junk cars near me

Are There Any Requirements to Junk My Car?

We require that your junk car’s title be certified before we can buy it from you. In the future, you won’t have to worry about being liable for the vehicle since the title transfers ownership. Do you know where your title is? No problem. You can obtain a duplicate by contacting our associate buyers. It’s easy and quick.

Get a free, instant quote from Junk My Car 247 as soon as you have the title in hand. Complete our simple form to describe the vehicle. Please provide photos and the VIN so we can provide you with the most accurate offer possible. 

Providing The Best Junk Car Removal Service Near You

Whenever possible, Junk My Car 247 offers FREE junk car pickup. Most junkyards require you to bring your junk car yourself, or they charge an additional fee for towing. We realize your goal is making money, not spending it, which is why we always offer free junk car pick up near you.

All our junk car towing offers include free, fast and convenient towing. When you accept an offer from Junk My Car 247, a towing partner from our nationwide network will schedule a pickup time with you.

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